Keya Seth Alopex Penta Active 10

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Product Full Description

Keya Seth Alopex Penta Active 10

Alopex Penta Active 10 for hair loss & weak hair || Enriched with essential oils & vital hair nutrients

This non-oily, non-sticky hair tonic contains 10 natural ingredients proven to stop hair fall, boost hair growth,

improve hair quality & ensure overall hair health. This breakthrough formula has been clinically tested & proven

for effectiveness in controlling hair fall & boosting hair growth without any side effects.

Key Ingredients : Korean Red Ginseng, Vitamin E, B3, B5 & Biotin, Lavender, Basil, Eucalyptus, Rosemary,

Lemongrass & Tea Tree Essential Oils, Caffeine, Amino Acid Composites, Natural Moisturizing Factors, Lactic Acid, Tannic Acid.

How to use : Apply 5-7ml twice daily on clean & dry scalp. Do not massage.

Use this file in one month

What is hair?

Hair is a filament made of keratin, a protein that is also present in our nails.

Hair filament grows from a follicle rooted deep in the scalp & this follicle ensures the growth as well as the health of the hair.   

Hair Fall is normal. Why?

The Life Cycle of a Hair involves three stages –

Anagen: A period of active growth that lasts for 2 to 6 years.

Catagen: The period of break down &transition. It takes around 1-2 weeks.

Telogen: The resting phase before resumption of growth, it lasts for 2 to 4 months.

On average, a person loses anything between 60 and 100 hairs daily & normally all of which are replaced by new hair.

If the hair loss is over 100 per day, it exceeds the replacements, which might result into baldness &hair thinning.

What causes balding?

When the lifecycle of a hair is complete, it naturally falls off from the root & a new hair filament takes its place. However, genetics,

hormones, nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stressor infection can induce untimely miniaturization of the hair follicles,

forcing the hair strand to fall off immaturely & preventing the growth of new hair from the follicle.

How Alopex Penta Active 10 prevents hair fall?

Alopex Penta Active contains 10 Active ingredients & they work in 10 different ways to prevent hair fall.


Korean Red Ginseng to increase life span of hair follicles

Vitamin HE for follicle & hair health

Combination Proteins for new hair growth & better blood circulation in scalp

Tannic Acid & Essential oils to prevent Free radical damage

6 essential oils for boosting Micro-circulation& revitalizing hair follicles

NMFs for better scalp oil balance

Amino Acid Composites for Hair Regrowth activation

Caffeine for Hair root stimulation

Scalp cell regeneration boosting complex for new hair growth

Lactic Acid for hair strengthening & nourishment

How to use

Apply 5-7 ml twice daily on clean & dry scalp*. Spread with your fingers. Do not massage. 


** The subjects in the clinical study used 5-7ml of Alopex Penta Active twice daily for 84 days & experienced the following results,

94% participants found the product effective to reduce hair loss

94% participants informed that the product promotes new hair growth

97% of the participants agreed that the test product makes hair stronger

97% of the participants confirmed that the test product increases hair volume

100% of the contributors found that the test product improves overall hair appearance

When you will see result?

You are expected to see noticeable change in your hair fall amount within 15-20 days of daily use.

Alive/Dormant hair follicles will initiate regrowth by 90-120 days of application (the time may vary from person to person). 

The Regime

Use Alopex Penta Active twice daily & Alopex Penta Active Shampoo thrice a week.

Use Alopex Penta Active twice daily& Wash your hair with Scalp Care Dandruff Removal Shampoo thrice a week, if you have dandruff.

Additional suggestions for hair fall prevention

Take a balanced diet filled with colorful vegetables & protein

Take adequate rest &pick up habits like yoga & meditation for de-stressing

Stay away from using harsh chemicals till your hair fall is controlled

Keep your combs/brushes, pillow towels, bathing towels clean & separate

Use wooden comb, keep your scalp clean

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